Beckhoff at Achema 2012
Open automation technology for the process industry and innovative drive solutions for packaging machines.

Take the opportunity to get information about PC-based control for process automation in Hall 11.1 at Booth A15. With the Embedded PCs, Beckhoff is demonstrating the range of performance and the flexibility of the PC-based control platform for the automation of processes. From the local acquisition of gas concentration or energy data to system-integrated measurement technology, for example for the measurement of temperature and pressure in laboratory automation, PC-based control offers new, flexible solutions. All process data is acquired and processed on a central platform. Beckhoff also offers the key to increasing the productivity of packaging machines, e.g. for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, with its fast control technology, which supports all communication standards. Of particular interest is the new XTS transport system, which replaces classic mechanical systems by innovative mechatronics.
PC-based Control for the process industry
Open communication into the process level
PC-based control technology offers a compact and powerful hardware platform, for example for the pumping and control room in the process industry. On account of open interfaces, communication into the process or field level is simple to realise via standardised software interfaces using a wireless or fieldbus link. TwinCAT automation software supports the common telecontrol protocols or – with OPC UA – the standardised, secure exchange of data. Beckhoff offers its panel series in a stainless steel finish for areas of application with high hygienic requirements.
Embedded PC: DCS substitute with integrated measurement technology
Using Embedded PCs as a substitute for DCS (Distributed Control System), Beckhoff offers scalable PC technology in a miniature format for universal use: both as a decentralised controller, e.g. for the acquisition of ventilation, gas concentration and energy data, and in the field of measurement technology. The directly connectable Bus Terminals support the connection of all common sensors and actuators for the precise acquisition of all process parameters in the chemical or process industry, such as for temperature and pressure.
Embedded PC
EtherCAT: redundancy and high data transmission security
EtherCAT – the fast real-time Ethernet system – can play its technological strengths in process automation: flexible topology possibilities, the integration of subordinated bus systems and optional redundant wiring for high system availability. TwinSAFE, the safety solution from Beckhoff, guarantees the secure processing of data for applications in the process industry. It allows critical process units such as gas mixers to be safely controlled.  EtherCAT
The linear motor that drives in a circle
The new XTS drive system (eXtended Transport System) from Beckhoff offers new freedom for mechanical engineering. The motor is completely integrated together with power electronics and displacement measurement. One or more wireless movers can be moved highly dynamically at up to 4 m/s on an almost arbitrary and flexible path. XTS thus revolutionises drive technology in a compact design and makes completely new concepts for packaging machines possible.
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Swapped principle: the linear motor with circular motion
Drive Technology – rethought: XTS – eXtended Transport System
Site Plan Achema 2012
Site Plan Achema 2012