Beckhoff at Sensor + Test 2012
High-precision measurement and control technology: with PC- and EtherCAT-based solutions from Beckhoff.

Do you still have two separate systems for measurement technology and automation? Come and see us in Nuremberg and find out how you can combine both functionalities on one platform with Scientific Automation. On a high-performance Industrial PC with EtherCAT as fast bus, special I/Os for the measurement technology and TwinCAT software, PC-based control technology enables measuring and testing applications to be realised quickly and conveniently.
PC-based Control: the platform for measurement and testing technology
Multi-core support and real-time simulation with
TwinCAT 3.

TwinCAT 3 offers a wide range of options for measurement and testing technology by enabling the application of C/C++ or Matlab®/Simulink®. Matlab®/Simulink® makes design and optimisation of controllers and filters straightforward. The result can then be executed directly in the TwinCAT runtime without modification.The TwinCAT 3 runtime enables the performance of modern processors to be fully utilised. High determinism, pre-emptive multitasking and the utilisation of all cores in a multi-core CPU result in maximum performance.
TwinCAT 3
High-performance multi-core Industrial PCs.
The basis for Scientific Automation is the constantly increasing performance of PC processors. This allows a central PC controller to assume further tasks in addition to the classic control functions. On the hardware side, Beckhoff offer a large selection of robust IPCs: from the Embedded PC with integrated I/O terminal connection to the high-performance PC with multi-core processors. The new CX2000 Embedded PC series offers multi-core power on the
DIN rail. CX2000
Maximum performance with EtherCAT.
EtherCAT Terminals unite maximum performance with maximum accuracy and make special modules redundant due to the seamless integration of high-precision measurement technology and Condition Monitoring in the automation solution. With the new product family “Power Measurement and Monitoring”, Beckhoff offers the possibility of power measurement and high-precision power analysis directly in the EtherCAT terminal system. The momentary values of current and voltage are recorded at up to 10,000 samples/s and are made available to the higher-level PC controller for calculations or analyses. EtherCAT
Site Plan Sensor + Test 2012
Site Plan Sensor+Test 2012