Beckhoff at SMM 2012
Open PC-based control technology for shipbuilding

Welcome to SMM 2012 in Hamburg, Germany: depending on the type and use, extensive automation functions, e.g. machine control, have to be solved on modern ships. On cargo ships, for example, the emphasis is on the control of loading and unloading cranes. In the case of passenger ships or cruise liners there are additional, classic tasks familiar from building automation, such as the control of an individual cabin.
At SMM we will show you how you can meet these different requirements with a universal automation toolkit!
Multi-touch panel for the control room or cruise cabin
Beckhoff Control Panels, which are designed for industrial use, can be used flexibly in shipbuilding as operating and display elements: on cruise liners, e.g. for the room operation of a cabin, or in the control room or engine room as a sturdy operating panel with single- or multi-touch functionality.
Multi-touch panel
Robust and compact: Embedded PCs with integrated I/O interface
Beckhoff offers scalable controllers for shipbuilding, ranging from Industrial PCs to Embedded PCs. Beckhoff Embedded PCs are modularly expandable Industrial PCs that can be used in shipbuilding as central or local controllers. The GL-certified CX5000 Embedded PC is designed for fanless operation and is extremely small, with an Intel® Atom™ CPU. On the software side, TwinCAT integrates PLC and measurement technology in a single package. The connection to higher-level process control systems is ensured via communication standards such as Ethernet and OPC. Embedded PCs
The all-in-one system for all automation and measurement tasks
The Beckhoff Bus Terminal system enables the connection of the complete sensor/actuator level. Over 400 different Bus Terminals cover the complete range of digital and analog signal types. Automation, measurement technology as well as compact drive solutions can be realised in a single system. Bus Couplers are available for all relevant bus systems for the open and busneutral I/O system, from Ethernet and EtherCAT through to PROFIBUS. Cable redundancy is simple to implement using the EtherCAT ring topology with copper or fibre-optic cables. Bus Terminals
Compact single-room controller for cruise cabins
The BC9191 Room Controller has an integrated PLC and the sensor/actuator interfaces necessary for room automation. It can be used as an autonomous or local controller. The BC9191 offers passengers increased comfort in their cabin; for the shipbuilder it represents a compact and efficient solution in the pricesensitive field of room control. For integration into the higher-level Ethernet network the BC9191 has two switched Ethernet interfaces and integrates digital and analog I/Os for occupancy sensor, sensors for CO2 or air quality, light and temperature control as well as 230 V outputs for air heaters, fans or heating a and cooling valves. BC9191
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