Beckhoff at EWEA Offshore 2015

The system solution for all requirements in the wind sector

At EWEA Offshore 2015 Beckhoff will present its integrated software and hardware platform for the complete automation of wind turbines, based on PC- and EtherCAT technology, a modular product range, open interfaces and utilisation of IT and automation standards, including operational management and individual blade control, converter, gear and brake control, visualisation, safety technology and intelligent wind farm networking. Even computing-intensive applications, such as Condition Monitoring, can be integrated into the standard control system. Wind turbine manufacturers and operators benefit from a leaner control architecture with improved system communication, reduced engineering and hardware costs, increased availability and higher efficiency.

Benefit from a Beckhoff system solution – tried and tested in more than 30,000 wind turbines worldwide.

Embedded PC CX5140: Consistent multi-core strategy for the medium performance class

The compact, modular Embedded PCs with integrated I/O level are ideally suited for the efficient automation of wind turbines. The new CX5100 series makes multi-core technology available for controllers in the medium performance class and the lower price range. With four processor cores the CX5140 offers sufficient resources for executing demanding applications such as Condition Monitoring on a separate core. CX5100

Embedded PC CX5140: Consistent multi-core strategy for the medium performance class

Optimise efficiency in wind farm control

Thanks to its openness and flexibility, PC- and EtherCAT-based control from Beckhoff is the optimum technology platform for efficient control of wind turbines, including intelligent wind farm networking and remote access.

Compact, robust, flexible: The EtherCAT I/O Box

The compact EtherCAT Box modules with fully sealed plastic housings are optimally protected from the effects of the weather and are suitable for applications without control cabinet in wind turbines. The wide range of signal variants enables virtually any sensor and actuator type to be connected, for example for brake, hydraulics, generator and gear unit control.

Optimise efficiency in wind farm control
Ultrafast: Wind farm networking with EtherCAT

Ultrafast: Wind farm networking with EtherCAT

Wind farm networking with EtherCAT sets new standards in terms of response to voltage dips or varying requirements: Instantaneous current and voltage values are sampled at the feed-in point with a rate of up to 10,000 samples per second. In the event of a voltage dip the set values for all turbines in a wind farm network can be specified in less than 1 ms. The measurement readings of all wind turbines and measurements at the feed-in point can be synchronised to a timeframe of less than 1 s, with corresponding control of current, voltage and frequency and optimum grid support. EtherCAT

EtherCAT Terminals integrate Condition Monitoring

EtherCAT Terminals integrate Condition Monitoring

PC-based control seamlessly integrates wind turbine Condition Monitoring into the existing automation system: High-precision EL3632 EtherCAT Terminals for vibration measurement or the EL3356-0010 for analysis of strain gauges can simply be added to the terminal strand. The sampled raw data are available for the higher-level software. An operator‘s CMS software, which is integrated into the control system via open interfaces such as OPC, can be used for evaluation and the initiation of downstream services. The benefits of the integrated approach include cost advantages, flexible expandability and improved diagnostics. EtherCAT Terminals

TwinCAT 3: Integrated control platform simplifies engineering

TwinCAT 3: Integrated control platform simplifies engineering

TwinCAT, the open automation software, offers users a high degree of flexibility regarding the choice of programming language: In addition to the object-oriented extensions of IEC 61131-3, C and C++ are also available for programming of real-time applications. With the integration of MATLAB®/Simulink®, TwinCAT can also be used for plant simulation, for example for load calculation. TwinCAT 3

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