Impressions SMM 2016

Beckhoff at the SMM 2016

The 27th SMM, which finished in Hamburg on 9 September 2016, drew more than 2,200 exhibitors from all over the world and approximately 50,000 visiting trade professionals. Great results, considering the crisis the industry is currently in, and an expression of the sense of impending change that could be noticeably felt at the world’s leading trade show for the maritime industry. This year, the SMM was more international than ever before: more than two thirds of the exhibitors came from outside Germany.

The SMM 2016 gave the industry fresh impetus with a focus on the main topics of digitisation and “green propulsion”: All the branches of the shipbuilding industry are now concentrating on environmental friendliness, energy savings and efficiency. In this respect, the cloud connection can offer valuable support, as Beckhoff demonstrated at its show booth.

“TwinCAT IoT and TwinCAT Analytics, two of our new software products, make it possible to implement big data applications easily and efficiently,” explained Dirk Kordtomeikel, Business Manager Shipbuilding at Beckhoff. In cooperation with Danfoss, Beckhoff impressively demonstrated how a Microsoft cloud can be used to store and analyse data in order to draw conclusions for energy management. The software made it easy to access the energy consumption data fed into the cloud by both companies using a smartphone.

“The presentation of our intelligent single-room control also drew a lot of attention. It’s a compact solution that controls lighting, shade, HVAC and access and is the perfect choice for cruise ships,” said Dirk Kordtomeikel further. The solution for efficient HVAC control developed by Beckhoff and Danfoss was installed in 80 of the cabins on the “Queen Mary II” during recent renovations – with the result that, compared to the old cabin control systems, the energy consumption was drastically reduced. The solution shows to what extent optimised HVAC systems, combined with a higher degree of automation, can decrease energy consumption and maintenance needs, enabling cost savings while increasing passenger comfort and convenience at the same time.

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