Bus Terminal

Flexible connection system

KLxxxx | Standard wiring

KLxxxxThe Bus Terminal system offers different connection options for optimum adaptation to the respective application. The KLxxxx Bus Terminals include electronics and connection level in a single enclosure. The KSxxxx type Bus Terminals feature a pluggable connection level. The KM modules integrate a wide range of I/Os within a very small area. All terminal types are bus-neutral and can be combined as required.

The standard KL Bus Terminals have been tried and tested for years. They feature integrated screwless spring loaded technique for fast and simple assembly.

KLx8xx The HD Bus Terminals (High Density) with 16 terminal points are distinguished by a particularly compact design, as the packaging density is twice as large as that of the standard 12 mm Bus Terminals. Single-wire conductors and conductors with a wire end sleeve can be inserted directly into the spring loaded terminal point without tools.



KSxxxx | Pluggable wiring

KSxxxxThe KS type Bus Terminals feature a pluggable connection level. The assembly and wiring procedure for the KS series is the same as for the KL series. The KS series Bus Terminals enable the complete wiring to be removed as a plug connector from the top of the housing for servicing. The lower section can be removed from the Bus Terminal assembly by pulling the unlocking tab. Insert the new component and plug in the connector with the wiring. This reduces the installation time and eliminates the risk of wires being mixed up.

The familiar dimensions of the Bus Terminal only had to be changed slightly. The new connector adds about 3 mm. The maximum height of the Bus Terminal remains unchanged.

The overview and nomenclature of the product names has been retained: The plug connector variant is identified in the part number by an additional letter.

Conductor cross sections between 0.08 mm² and 2.5 mm² can continue to be used with the proven spring loaded technique.

A tab for strain relief of the cable simplifies assembly in many applications and prevents tangling of individual connection wires when the connector is removed.


KMxxxx | Pluggable wiring with high packing density

KMxxxxMore sensor and actuator functionality makes machines and systems more and more powerful. The Bus Terminal reliably meets increased requirements for I/O signals through its modularity and compact design. The existing Bus Terminal system is complemented by the compact version of the KMxxxx terminal module with increased packing density. In many areas of application, cost benefits can be realised through lower overall installed size and application-specific signal mix.

The terminal modules are fully system-compatible. Like the Bus Terminals, they are bus-neutral and can therefore be operated with any Beckhoff Bus Coupler or Bus Terminal Controller. Like the standard Bus Terminals, the KM modules are integrated in the I/O system and connected with the internal terminal bus (K-bus). Bus Terminals and terminal modules can be combined without restriction.

Like for the Bus Terminals, no tools are required for the wiring. Spring-loaded terminals are used, however with connectors (cable cross section 0.5…1.5 mm²).

The terminal modules combine 16, 32 or 64 digital inputs or outputs on a very small area. This compact and slimline design enables very high packing densities, leading to smaller control cabinets and terminal boxes.


Digital l/O modules with up to 64 channels

The KM modules are used, for example, in applications with high demand for standard signal types such as digital I/Os. The very compact digital KM1xxx and KM2xxx input/output terminal modules have 16, 32 or 64 channels. Each I/O connector has eight inputs or outputs. LEDs integrated in the connector indicate the signal state for each channel directly at the wire. Depending on the connection type, the terminal modules are available with 1- or 3-pin plug connector and enable connection with 1, 2 or 3 wires.


Customer-specific signal mix

In addition to the standard I/O types, the terminal modules are also available as customer-specific types, e.g. for use in production machines with identical I/O combinations. The combination terminal modules consolidate typical automation signal combinations. This enables smaller physical size and quantity of parts with significant cost savings.


Interface standards within the Bus Terminal

In addition to plug-in wiring, sensor-specific plug connectors such as D-sub, RJ 45 or BNC simplify the application of the Bus Terminal system. Sensors and actuators with pre-assembled connectors can be connected directly and quickly with the Bus Terminal system.

Relay or power modules are also available, which are either equipped with standard relays or with integrated electronics to connect wattages up to 16 A.