Beckhoff terminal modules

Beckhoff terminal modules KMxxxx

More sensor and actuator functionality makes machines and systems more and more powerful. The Bus Terminal reliably meets increased requirements for I/O signals through its modularity and compact design. The existing Bus Terminal system is complemented by the compact version of the KMxxxx terminal module with increased packing density. In many areas of application, cost benefits can be realised through lower overall installed size and application-specific signal mix.

The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is the open and flexible I/O system for all common fieldbuses. The wide range of electronic terminal blocks covers all I/O channels required in automation applications, from the digital and analog world to the serial interface. From the wide range of signals it is pos-sible to tailor a specific solution, as if from a toolkit.

The new terminal modules are fully system-compatible. Like the Bus Terminals, they are bus-neutral and can therefore be operated with any Beckhoff Bus Coupler or Bus Terminal Controller. Like the standard Bus Terminals, the KM modules are integrated in the I/O system and connected with the internal terminal bus (K-bus). Bus Terminals and terminal modules can be combined without restriction.

Like for the Bus Terminals, no tools are required for the wiring. Spring-loaded terminals are used, however with connectors.

The terminal modules combine e.g. 16, 32 or 64 digital inputs or outputs on a very small area. This compact and slimline design enables very high packing densities, leading to smaller control cabinets and terminal boxes.


Plug-in wiring

Plug-in wiring: Variable provision
for supply voltage; sensor supply is maintained if connector is pulled;
LED directly at the wire

Terminal modules

- full system compatibility
- any fieldbus
- any signal
- more compact overall solution
- greater signal variety
- faster, signal-specific connections

Flexibilität auch beim Steckverbinder

Flexible plug connector: Depending on the connection type, the terminal modules are available with 1-, 2- or
3-pin connector.