AX5031-0000-0200 AMP8000 coupling module for AX5000

AX5031-0000-0200 | AMP8000 coupling module for AX5000

For connecting AMP8000 distributed servo drives to the PC-based control technology, and more specifically to the EtherCAT-based Servo Drive systems AX5000 and AX8000 there are two coupling modules available in single-channel and dual-channel versions each. The coupling modules provide a connection for the DC Link intermediate circuit, 24 V DC power supply and EtherCAT communication. Distributed servo drives can be coupled to the AX8000 multi-axis servo system via an AX883x power supply module and to the AX5000 EtherCAT Drives via an AX503x axis module. By means of the 1- or 2-channel coupling modules and the AMP8805 distribution module, the implementation of simple as well as complex distributed drive solutions is easy and straightforward.

Technical data AX5031-0000-0200
Function coupling module with feed
Number of channels 1
Rated output current DC link 20 A DC
Rated output current 24 V 16 A DC
DC-Link voltage 565…680 V DC
AMP804x Distributed servo drive 2.01…4.80 Nm (Standstill torque)
AMP805x Distributed servo drive 4.80…11.4 Nm (Standstill torque)
AMP8805-0000-0000 Distribution module, 5-channel
Product announcement
estimated market release 1st quarter 2019