AX81xx, AX82xx Axis modules 1- and 2-channel

AX81xx, AX82xx | Axis modules 1- and 2-channel

An axis module contains the DC-Link and the inverter for supplying the motor. Depending on the required number of axes, the axis modules are attached to the supply module to form the multi-axis servo system. Axis modules with different ratings can be combined in order to enable an optimised design of the individual axes.

Supporting a wide supply voltage range from 100 to 480 V AC, the axis modules can be operated without limitation with any of the supply modules. This flexibility simplifies the implementation of machine configurations for any type of mains supply. The electrical connection is established without tools via the already integrated AX-Bridge: it automatically connects DC-Link, 24 V DC control voltage and communication via EtherCAT between the attached modules. The DC-Link connection enables the exchange of energy during acceleration and braking procedures, where the regenerative brake energy is primarily stored in the common DC-Link. If the energy exceeds the DC-Link capacitance, utilize the brake resistor of the AX881x capacitor modul to suppress the DC-Link voltage.

Technical data AX8108-0000 AX8118-0000 AX8206-0000
Function axis module
Number of channels 1 1 2
Rated current 1 x 8 A 1 x 18 A 2 x 6 A
DC-Link voltage max. 875 V DC
DC-Link capacitance 135 µF 405 µF 135 µF
Minimum rated channel current at full current resolution 1 A 5 A 1 A
Peak output current 20 A 40 A 14 A | 20 A