SSI monitor terminal EL5001-0011
Run LED 
Data, Clock 
Power contact
+24 V
Power contact 0 V
D+, D-
CL+, CL+-
+24 V (2x)
0 V (2x)
Top view 
Contact assembly 
extended temperature range

EL5001-0011 | SSI monitor terminal

The EL5001-0011 SSI monitor EtherCAT Terminal is used for monitoring the data exchange between SSI master and SSI encoder (slave). The encoder is powered via the existing SSI interface. The interface circuit makes the incoming data stream available to the controller as a data word in the process image. Various operating modes can be permanently set via the control register.

Technical data EL5001-0011
Technology SSI encoder interface
Number of channels 1
Encoder connection data input: D+, D-; clock input: Cl+, Cl-; RS422 differential signal
Input frequency 125 kHz…1 MHz, variable
Distributed clocks yes
Signal output (pulse) difference signal (RS422)
Signal input (data) difference signal (RS422)
Power supply internal SSI electronics: 24 V DC via power contacts; internal E-bus electronics: via the E-bus
Current consumption typ. 20 mA without encoder
Current consumption power contacts typ. 20 mA
Encoder supply 24 V DC via power contacts
SSI frame length 1…32 bit
Coding Gray, Dual
Power fail bit can be activated
Data transfer rates variable up to 1 MHz, 250 kHz default
Serial input 24 bit width (variable)
Data direction read
Electrical isolation 500 V (E-bus/field potential)
Current consumption E-bus typ. 130 mA
Bit width in the process image 1 x 32 bit input, 8 bit status
Configuration via TwinCAT System Manager
Special features no clock output (simply listening)
Weight approx. 100 g
Operating/storage temperature -25…+60 °C/-40…+85 °C
Relative humidity 95 %, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistance conforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27
EMC immunity/emission conforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Protect. class/installation pos. IP 20/variable
Approvals CE, UL, Ex
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