EtherCAT Terminals with TwinSAFE SC technology

With the aid of the TwinSAFE SC technology (TwinSAFE Single Channel) it is possible to make use of standard signals for safety tasks in any network or fieldbus. To do this, EtherCAT Terminals from the areas of analog input, position measurement or communication (4…20 mA, incremental encoder, IO-Link, etc.) are extended by the TwinSAFE SC function. The data from these extended EtherCAT Terminals is fed to the TwinSAFE Logic, where they undergo safety-related multi-channel processing.

In the Safety Logic the data originating from different sources is analysed, checked for plausibility and submitted to a “voting”. This is done by certified function blocks such as Scale, Compare/Voting (1oo2, 2oo3, 3oo5), Limit, etc. For safety reasons, however, at least one of the data sources must be a TwinSAFE SC component. The remainder of the data can originate from other standard Bus Terminals, drive controllers or measuring transducers. In this way, it is possible to use all the process data existing in the system for the safety technology. The TwinSAFE SC technology thus opens up completely new possibilities in the Beckhoff system world and offers a simple, efficient and inexpensive possibility to fully integrate the safety tasks into the existing infrastructure.

With the aid of the TwinSAFE SC technology it is typically possible to achieve a safety level equivalent to PL d/Cat. 3 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL 2 in accordance with EN 62061.

Safe analog value processing with TwinSAFE SC

Ordering information  
Analog input
EL3124-0090 4-channel analog input 4…20 mA, differential input, 16 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EP3174-0092 EtherCAT Box, industrial housing, 4 analog differential inputs -10…+10 V or 0/4…20 mA, parameterisable, 16 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EL3174-0090 4-channel analog input, parameterisable, -10/0…+10 V, -20/0/+4…+20 mA, 16 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EL3214-0090 4-channel input terminal PT100 (RTD) for resistance sensors, 16 bit, 3-wire system, TwinSAFE SC
EL3314-0090 4-channel thermocouple input, 16 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EL3356-0090 1-channel accurate resistance bridge evaluation, 24 bit, TwinSAFE SC
Position measurement
EL5001-0090 1-channel SSI encoder interface, TwinSAFE SC
EL5021-0090 1-channel SinCos encoder interface, 1 VPP, TwinSAFE SC
EL5101-0090 incremental encoder interface with differential input, 16 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EL5151-0090 1-channel incremental encoder interface, 32 bit, TwinSAFE SC
EL6224-0090 EtherCAT Terminal, IO-Link master, IP 20, TwinSAFE SC
EJ7211-9414 EtherCAT plug-in module, servomotor module for OCT, with STO Input, 50 V DC, Irms = 4.5 A