Open Control Architecture integration for audio communication

PC-based control allows seamless integration of media and control technology on one platform

Providing all relevant interfaces for AV multimedia and lighting systems, the integrated automation platform allows the seamless integration of media technology, lighting control, building automation and control logic. With the recently introduced support for Open Control Architecture, the vendor-independent standard for audio and video systems, Beckhoff is expanding its expertise in the area of media technology even further.

With support for Open Control Architecture, DMX, SMPTE TimeCode, Crestron, Bang & Olufsen, Art-Netâ„¢ and Streaming ACN (sACN), all devices and systems that are important in stage and media technology can be integrated into the Beckhoff automation platform. For building technology applications the system can also support standards such as KNX/EIB, DALI, BACnet, M-Bus, MP-Bus and SMI.