Google Glass for industrial automation

Wearable HMI for industrial automation

Beckhoff is presenting a technology study at the SPS IPC Drives with Google Glass as a new concept for machine operation. The glasses, which were primarily developed for the consumer sector, integrate among other things a head-up display for information plus a digital camera. However, Google Glass can also be used in the industrial environment as a supplement for operation and observation in production. For instance, it allows status or dialogue messages or additional information such as documentation, web pages or videos to be called up. The service technician, for example, can read the properties, history or current status of the sensor or actuator by reading in a QR code on the motor or limit switch. Andreas Thome, Product Manager PC Control, comments on the use of the Google glasses in production: “Google Glass has the potential to change or at least to supplement the operating philosophy on the machine. The Google glasses could represent a good example of the fusion of Internet technology and automation technology within the framework of Industrie 4.0.” more