Keyboard shelf
C9900-M406 Keyboard shelf

C9900-M406 | Keyboard shelf

Keyboard shelf for CP3xxx multi-touch Control Panels and Panel PCs

The keyboard shelf at a Beckhoff Panel PC or Control Panel permits a standard PC keyboard to be placed in front of the Control Panel, allowing convenient operation during commissioning or software updates. During normal production, the machine operator can rest tools and other items here while using the multi-finger touch screen.

A USB socket is integrated at the back of the keyboard shelf for connecting the keyboard. Any keyboard USB cable excess can be wrapped around a bracket at the underside of the keyboard shelf.

The shelf is made of coated aluminium, and its design matches that of the Control Panel. The keyboard shelf has a width of 468 mm.

C9900-M406 Keyboard shelf -

Ordering information Keyboard shelf for CP3xxx
C9900-M406 Toolboard for keyboard or tools, mounted under a Control Panel or Panel PC CP3xxx, with integrated USB socket IP 65 at the back side, can only be ordered in combination with the Control Panel or Panel PC.