Control Panel with DVI/USB connection

Control Panel with DVI/USB connection
CP69xx and CP79xx


DVI/USB connectionThe digital visual interface (DVI), defined as successor to analog VGA connections, digitally transfers the PC image to the display. The universal serial bus (USB) enables connection of input devices and drives to the PC. DVI/USB Extended enables CP69xx and CP79xx “Economy“ Control Panels to be operated at a distance of up to 50 metres from the PC. Apart from a graphics card or a motherboard with DVI output and the USB port available with every motherboard, no additional card is required in the PC.

CP79xx Control Panels are designed for mounting arm installation. They offer all-round IP 65 protection. To this end they are equipped via industrial IP 65 round connectors for DVI or USB Extended and the 24 V power supply.

The CP69xx built-in Control Panels are connected via standard USB and DVI connectors and feature an industrial pin contact strip for the 24 V power supply. A 2-port USB socket in the rear panel enables connection of keyboard, mouse, USB stick or CD/DVD drive. The integrated USB 1.1 hub enables a transfer rate of 12 Mbit/s.

DVI/USB Extended

The DVI/USB Extended technology integrated in each CP69xx and CP79xx “Economy“ DVI/USB panel enables remote panel operation at a distance of up to 50 m from the PC via standard cables. The graphics signal is transferred directly via DVI cable over a maximum distance of 50 m, while the USB signal is transferred to a CAT5 cable at the PC in order to extend the 5 m limit of the USB specification to a distance of up to 50 m.

A 50 m DVI cable has 10 times the length allowed by the DVI specification. Such a cable length leads to strong distortion of the graphics signal on arrival at the Control Panel. The CP69xx “Economy” Control Panel features a signal processor that restores the DVI signal. Since it is a digital signal, it can be fully restored. The display shows a perfect image without interference. The PC requires a conventional DVI output. An on-board graphics controller such as Intel® Extreme Graphic or a graphics card can be used.

For USB the specification requires installation of a hub every 5 m. In order to realise a distance of 50 m without hubs, with USB Extended the USB signal is converted so that it can be transferred via 50 m CAT5 cables with RJ 45 connectors commonly used for Ethernet wiring. In the Control Panel the signal is converted back to USB. Through the 12 Mbit/s transfer rate a USB 1.1 interface is available in the Control Panel. In addition to touch screen, membrane keyboard and push-button extension, a hub in the Control Panel enables connection of two external USB devices such as keyboard, mouse, USB stick or CD/DVD drive. However, no further USB hub can be connected to the Control Panel. The PC must have a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 interface.

The CU8800 USB-to-USB Extended converter box requires no auxiliary power supply. It has a USB input and an RJ 45 USB Extended output. The box together with all required cables is offered as a set for distances of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 m between the PC and the Control Panel. For distances up to 5 m the PC and the Control Panels CP69xx can be connected directly via a USB cable. The Control Panels CP79xx are connected via the adapter CU8800, even at short distance.

  CP69xx CP79xx
Interface DVI/USB Extended DVI/USB Extended
Max. distance
from PC
50 m 50 m
Max. resolution 1280 x 1024 1280 x 1024
Display sizes 5.7-, 6.5-, 12-, 15-, 19- or 24-inch 6.5-, 12-, 15-, 19- or 24-inch
USB 2 USB 1.1 2 USB 1.1
Power supply 24 V 24 V
Operating temp. 0…55 °C 0…55 °C