Control Panels with Ethernet interface

Control Panels with Ethernet interface

Control Panels with Ethernet interfaceCP66xx Ethernet Control Panels have a wide range of uses including independent Panel PC, remote desktop display, or server terminal. A PC with Microsoft Windows XP Professional can transfer its image to an Ethernet Control Panel via the remote desktop function. The Ethernet connection between PC and Control Panel can bridge almost any distance, even via the internet. The image of the PC can optionally be displayed on one of several Control Panels distributed across large systems. When a user logs into an Ethernet Control Panel, the other panels are logged out since Windows XP Professional only has one desktop license. A Windows 2003 server enables all Control Panels to be used simultaneously as independent terminals with different display content. In each case communication takes place via one of the two 100 Mbit Ethernet interfaces integrated in the rear of the Control Panel. The processor of the Control Panel is only used for setting up the image on the display and for querying the keyboard and mouse or touch screen. Application software is installed on the server and executed by the high-performance processor of the server. Data can be entered simultaneously at the different Ethernet Control Panels. In contrast to a PC with a multi-channel graphics card, each Ethernet Control Panel connected to the terminal server has its own mouse and keyboard cursor, so that several operators can work on the same system at the same time. If the same image is to be displayed on several displays, it is advisable to use CP-Link 3.

The Ethernet Panels can also be used as independent Panel PCs. These devices are ideally suited as small controllers for machine construction and plant engineering applications in conjunction with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows CE.

CPU Intel® IXP 420 533 MHz
RAM 128 MB
Flash on-board 32 MB
CF card slot 1
NOVRAM 128 – 512 kB as Mini PCI
Graphics processor SM501
Max. resolution 1024 x 768
Display sizes 5.7-, 6.5-, 12- or 15-inch
Slots 1 Mini PCI
Ethernet 2 RJ 45 10/100 MBit
Serial ports 1 RS232
Power supply 24 V
Operating temp. 0…55 °C
Operating system Windows CE