Industrial PCs with Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo

Industrial PCs with Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo

The Core™ Duo/Core™2 Duo technology offers performance potential for Industrial PCs (that to date was only available for the server segment) and therefore opens up new application areas. All familiar Industrial PC product lines can be equipped with Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo processors.

ATX motherboards with seven slots, slot motherboards for passive backplanes and 3½-inch motherboards for particularly compact Industrial PCs are available. Optionally an Intel® Core™ Duo T2500 2.0 GHz with 2 MB cache or an Intel® Core™2 Duo T7400 2.16 GHz with 4 MB cache is used.

Dual-core Systems are automatically recognised by TwinCAT: one of the two cores is occupied by the real-time functionality, the other one is available for Windows applications. TwinCAT core computing resources that are not used by the real-time core can be utilised by Windows.

Many Industrial PCs enable installation of two hard disks that can be mirrored with the on-board SATA RAID 1 controller with Intel® Matrix Storage Technology. If one of the hard disks fails, the system continues to run. The faulty hard disk can be replaced and mirrored during operation. The PC is thus protected from data loss.

The motherboards can all be equipped with up to 2 GB of DDR2RAM and two Ethernet ports. In addition eight USB 2.0 ports and four serial RS232 interfaces are available on the boards. The Intel® GMA950 graphic controller integrated in the chipset offers analog and digital display connections in the form of LVDS, VGA and DVI, of which two can be used simultaneously under Windows XP. With the ATX motherboard both can be used as DVI connections if a two-channel ADD2 card is used.

ATX motherboard 3½-inch motherboard Slot motherboard
Intel® Core™ Duo Intel® Core™2 Duo Intel® Core™ Duo Intel® Core™2 Duo Intel® Core™ Duo Intel® Core™2 Duo
CP65xx-0050 CP65xx-0050 CP62xx-0010 CP62xx-0010 CP63xx-0040 CP63xx-0040
C33xx-0030 C33xx-0030 CP72xx-0010 CP72xx-0010 CP64xx-0040 CP64xx-0040
C36xx-0030 C36xx-0030 C6920-0010 C6920-0010 CP71xx-0050 CP71xx-0050
C6140-0030 C6140-0030 C5101-0030 C5101-0030
C6240-0030 C6240-0030 C6110-0030 C6110-0030
C6250-0040 C6250-0040 C6120-0030 C6120-0030
    C6130-0030 C6130-0030
    C6210-0030 C6210-0030
    C6220-0030 C6220-0030
    C63xx-0040 C63xx-0040