TF1910 | TC3 UML

With the integration of UML (Unified Modeling Language) in TwinCAT 3.1, two additional editors for modelling of PLC software are available. The existing TwinCAT PLC programming languages are extended with the UML state and UML class diagrams.

Generally speaking, UML is a modelling language for software analysis, design and documentation. UML is particularly suitable for object-oriented implementations. The unified modelling of the PLC application creates an easy to follow software documentation, which can also be analysed by other departments.

The UML class diagram belongs to the group of UML structure diagrams and can be used for schematic representation of the software architecture. In this way, it is possible to represent object classes and the elements contained within them, as well as object relationships in a transparent manner. The UML state diagram is part of the UML behaviour diagrams and is used for dynamic software modelling. It can be used for a graphic specification of the dynamic response or the state-dependent system behaviour. Compilation of the state diagram generates program code, so that the state machine can be executed directly. The development process is supported by an online debugging option.

TF1910 | TC3 UML

Technical data TF1910
Required TC1200
Target system Windows 7/8/10, Windows CE
Ordering information
TF1910-0030 TC3 UML, platform 30 (Economy Plus)
TF1910-0040 TC3 UML, platform 40 (Performance)
TF1910-0050 TC3 UML, platform 50 (Performance Plus)
TF1910-0060 TC3 UML, platform 60 (Mid Performance)
TF1910-0070 TC3 UML, platform 70 (High Performance)
TF1910-0080 TC3 UML, platform 80 (Very High Performance)
TF1910-0081 TC3 UML, platform 81 (Many-core 5…8 Cores)
TF1910-0082 TC3 UML, platform 82 (Many-core 9…16 Cores)
TF1910-0083 TC3 UML, platform 83 (Many-core 17…32 Cores)
TF1910-0084 TC3 UML, platform 84 (Many-core 33…64 Cores)
TF1910-0090 TC3 UML, platform 90 (Other)
TF1910-0091 TC3 UML, platform 91 (Other 5…8 Cores)
TF1910-0092 TC3 UML, platform 92 (Other 9…16 Cores)
TF1910-0093 TC3 UML, platform 93 (Other 17…32 Cores)
TF1910-0094 TC3 UML, platform 94 (Other 33…64 Cores)