TF2000 | TC3 HMI Server

The TC3 HMI Server is a modular web server that provides the human-machine interface (HMI). It supports all CPU classes from ARM to multi-core. The powerful architecture enables a wide range of application scenarios from local panel solutions to multi-client, multi-server and multi-runtime concepts.

All that is needed to start an HMI client is an HTML5-capable browser, which is available for all major operating systems. Accordingly, clients can run on PCs as well as on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Whatever the platform, security is of the utmost importance, which is why the data traveling between client and server is encrypted. The integrated user management features a configurable user rights system that can be linked to the user's own IT infrastructure.

The HMI is linked to respective controllers via automation protocols like the Automation Device Specification (ADS) or OPC UA.

The HMI Server can be extended with so-called server extensions like an alarms & events system or a recipe management system. Server extensions can also be developed in C++ or .NET with a software development kit, which allows users to develop their own logic and implement additional communication protocols.

TF2000 | TC3 HMI Server

Technical data TF2000
Required TC1000
Target system Windows 7/8/10
Ordering information
TF2000-0040 TC3 HMI Server, platform 40 (Performance)
TF2000-0050 TC3 HMI Server, platform 50 (Performance Plus)
TF2000-0060 TC3 HMI Server, platform 60 (Mid Performance)
TF2000-0070 TC3 HMI Server, platform 70 (High Performance)
TF2000-0080 TC3 HMI Server, platform 80 (Very High Performance)
TF2000-0081 TC3 HMI Server, platform 81 (Many-core 5…8 cores)
TF2000-0082 TC3 HMI Server, platform 82 (Many-core 9…16 cores)
TF2000-0083 TC3 HMI Server, platform 83 (Many-core 17…32 cores)
TF2000-0084 TC3 HMI Server, platform 84 (Many-core 33…64 cores)
TF2000-0090 TC3 HMI Server, platform 90 (Other)
TF2000-0091 TC3 HMI Server, platform 91 (Other 5…8 cores)
TF2000-0092 TC3 HMI Server, platform 92 (Other 9…16 cores)
TF2000-0093 TC3 HMI Server, platform 93 (Other 17…32 cores)
TF2000-0094 TC3 HMI Server, platform 94 (Other 33…64 cores)
Product announcement
Available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland | For all other sales regions: estimated market release 4th quarter 2017