TS6120 | TwinCAT OPC Server

The TwinCAT OPC Server is a standardised data exchange interface. It supports the DataAccess (DA) and XML DA specifications. DataAccess (DA) is based on the Microsoft COM technology and provides data for the client. The OPC XML DA specification enables data exchange through XML via HTTP. Configuration of the server is carried out in a configuration tool or via XML.

TS6120 | TwinCAT OPC Server

TS6120 | TwinCAT OPC Server | TwinCAT OPC is tested as“OPC compliant” product by theOPC Compliance certification.

TwinCAT OPC is tested as
“OPC compliant” product by the
OPC Compliance certification.

TS6120 | TwinCAT OPC Server | Since 1998 Beckhoff is memberof the OPC foundation.

Since 1998 Beckhoff is member
of the OPC foundation.

Technical data TS6120
Target system Windows NT/2000/XP
Min. TwinCAT level TwinCAT I/O
Ordering information
TS6120 license for using the TwinCAT OPC Server for accessing variables, according to OPC-DA/OPC-XML-DA specification